ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics, Faculty of Science.


Quantum imaging extends quantum optics to the spatial domain. Optics is very good in sending images, or spatial intensity distributions. In classical optics we can think about complex images. However, we normally don't consider quantum correlations between part of the beam. But the quantum noise provides limitations, for example when we want to measure spatial properties such as position, that is where is the beam located, or tilt , that is where is pointing. We find that the quantum properties of light provide limits for these measurements - much in the same way as we have it for Intensity or phase measurements.

In the past few years we have found experimental ways of surpassing these limits.
From a theory point of view we are using many modes of light , not just the simple Gaussian beam. We are exploring multi-mode situations.
This is a strong collaboration between the team at ANU, part of ACQAO and the LKB in Paris.

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