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The research interests of the quantum optics group are experimental quantum information, the physics and applications of of atom-light interaction, quantum metrology and non-linear optics. We are located in the Department of Quantum Science, which is a part of the Research School of Physics and Engineering.


Our group forms a part of the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology. This ARC Centre of Excellence is based and the University of New South Wales and has nodes at the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Griffith Univeristy, UNSW@ADFA as well as the ANU.




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Recent Publications

Dynamical observations of self-stabilizing stationary light
J. L. Everett,    G. T. Campbell,    Y.-W. Cho,    P. Vernaz-Gris,    D.B. Higginbottom,    O. Pinel,    N. P. Robins,    P. K. Lam    & B. C. Buchler
Nat. Phys. 10.1038/nphys3901 (2017)  

Tuning quantum measurements to control chaos
Eastman J, Hope J, Ribeiro de Carvalho A
Scientific Reports 7, 1-10 (2017)

Characterization of a measurement-based noiseless linear amplifier and its applications
Zhao J, Haw J, Symul T, Lam P, Assad S
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 96 (2017)

Phase estimation of coherent states with a noiseless linear amplifier
Assad S, Bradshaw M, Lam P
International Journal of Quantum Information 15, 1-6 (2017)

Overarching framework between Gaussian quantum discord and Gaussian quantum illumination
Bradshaw M, Assad S, Haw J, Tan S, Lam P, Gu M
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 95, 2, 1-10 (2017)

Maximizing device-independent randomness from a Bell experiment by optimizing the measurement settings
SM Assad, O Thearle, PK Lam
Physical Review A 94 (1), 012304 (2016)

Experimental demonstration of Gaussian protocols for one-sided device-independent quantum key distribution
Nathan Walk, Sara Hosseini, Jiao Geng, Oliver Thearle, Jing Yan Haw, Seiji Armstrong, Syed M Assad, Jiri Janousek, Timothy C Ralph, Thomas Symul, Howard M Wiseman, Ping Koy Lam
Optica 3, 634-642 (2016)

Optomechanical magnetometry with a macroscopic resonator
Changqiu Yu, Jiri Janousek, Eoin Sheridan, David L McAuslan, Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Ping Koy Lam, Yundong Zhang, Warwick P Bowen
Physical Review Applied, 5, 044007 (2016)

Squeezing quadrature rotation in the acoustic band via optomechanics
Giovanni Guccione, Harry J Slatyer, André R R Carvalho, Ben C Buchler and Ping Koy Lam
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 49, 065401 (2016)

Synthesis of optical spring potentials in optomechanical systems
HJ Slatyer, G Guccione, YW Cho, BC Buchler, PK Lam
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 49, 125401 (2016)

Squeezed light from a diamond-turned monolithic cavity
A Brieussel, Y Shen, G Campbell, G Guccione, J Janousek, B Hage, BC Buchler, N Treps, Christian Fabre, FZ Fang, XY Li, T Symul, PK Lam
Optics Express 24, 4042-4056 (2016)

Highly efficient optical quantum memory with long coherence time in cold atoms
Y.-W. Cho, G. T. Campbell, J. L. Everett, J. Bernu, D. B. Higginbottom, M. T. Cao, J. Geng, N. P. Robins, P. K. Lam, and B. C. Buchler,
Optica  3, 100 (2016).




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