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The research interests of the quantum optics group are experimental quantum information, the physics and applications of of atom-light interaction, quantum metrology and non-linear optics. We are located in the Department of Quantum Science, which is a part of the Research School of Physics and Engineering.


Our group forms a part of the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology. This ARC Centre of Excellence is based and the University of New South Wales and has nodes at the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Griffith Univeristy, UNSW@ADFA as well as the ANU.




Long-lived and highly efficient quantum memory
Optica  3, 100 (2016).

Quantum random numbers, generated in our lab, now live in your browser!



Recent Publications

Highly efficient optical quantum memory with long coherence time in cold atoms
Y.-W. Cho, G. T. Campbell, J. L. Everett, J. Bernu, D. B. Higginbottom, M. T. Cao, J. Geng, N. P. Robins, P. K. Lam, and B. C. Buchler,
Optica  3, 100 (2016).

A mirrorless spinwave resonator
O. Pinel, J. L. Everett, M. Hosseini, G. T. Campbell, B. C. Buchler and P. K. Lam
Scientific Reports 5, 17633 (2015).
Replicating the Benefits of Deutschian Closed Timelike Curves without Breaking Causality
X. Yuan, S. M. Assad, J. Thompson, J. Y. Haw, V. Vedral, T. C. Ralph, P. K. Lam, C. Weedbrook and M. Gu
npj Quantum Information 1, 15007 (2015)
Dual-rail optical gradient echo memory
D. B. Higginbottom, J. Geng, G. T. Campbell, M. Hosseini, M. T. Cao, B. M. Sparkes, J. Bernu, N. P. Robins, P. K. Lam and B. C. Buchler
Optics Express 23 24937 (2015).
Maximization of Extractable Randomness in a Quantum Random-Number Generator
J. Y. Haw, S. M. Assad, A. M. Lance, N. H. Y. Ng, V. Sharma, P. K. Lam, and T. Symul
Nonlinear entanglement and its application to generating cat States.
Y Shen, S M Assad, N B Grosse, X Y Li, M D Reid, and P K Lam.
Phys Rev Lett 114, 100403 (2015).
Multipartite Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering and genuine tripartite entanglement with optical networks.
Seiji Armstrong, Meng Wang, Run Yan Teh, Qihuang Gong, Qiongyi He, Jiri Janousele, Hans-Albert Bachor, Margaret D Reid and Ping Koy Lam.



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