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Want to do some optics at ANU? We teach some optics courses at 2nd and 3rd year level, principally PHYS 2017, and PHYS 3057.


2017 is an introduction to oscillations, waves and optics. A very large number of physical systems can be modelled as a harmonic oscillator, or a system of coupled oscillators. This includes everything from neurones to neutron stars .

The course aims to give students an understanding of how oscillations and coupled oscillations are modelled and used to understand real systems.

Harmonic motion is then extended into waves, electromagnetic waves and optics. The second part of the course then covers the essential parts of optical physics, including a substantial series of laboratory experiments that investigate interference, lasers and imaging.

For more information, contact Ben Buchler.


PHYS 3057 is an advanced course in optics that includes laser physics, non-linear optics and electro-optics. Completion of this course provides a good background to continue in optics research. Lasers, non-linear optics and electro-optics are all essential parts of our research activity.

For more information contact Daniel Shaddock


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