PhD Theses

Quantum Discord, EPR Steering and Bell-type Correlations for Secure CV Quantum Communications (2017)
S. Hosseini

Storage and Manipulation of Optical Information Using Gradient Echo Memory in Warm Vapours and Cold Ensembles (2013)
B.M. Sparkes

Quantum Optical Storage and Processing Using Raman Gradient Echo Memory (2012)
M. Hosseini

Generation and Detection of Low-Frequency Squeezing for Gravitational-Wave Detection (2012)
M.S. Stefszky

Single Atom Detection Using Optical Cavities (2012)
R. Poldy

A security study of two non-tomographic quantum communication protocols (2010)
S.M. Assad

Harmonic entanglement & photon anti-bunching (2009)
N. Grosse

Quantum Memories for Continuous Variable States of Light in Atomic Ensembles (2008)
G. Hétet

Quantum imaging with a small number of transverse modes (2007)
V. Deaubert

Squeezing in the Audio Gravitational Wave Detection Band (2008)

Informatic Techniques for Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (2008)
V. Sharma

On quantum multi-mode optical imaging & Light-atom ensemble interactions (2007)
M.T.L. Hsu

Secure Communication in Quantum Information Networks (2006)
A. M. Lance

Experiments towards a Quantum Optical Network with Squeezed Light and Entranglement (2003)
W. P. Bowen

Electro-Optic Control of Quantum Measurements (2001)
B. C. Buchler

Applications of Optical Homodyne Tomography (2000)
J Wu

Applications of Quantum Electro-Optic Control and Squeezed Light (1998)
P. K. Lam

Classical and quantum dynamics of optical frequency conversion (1997) 
A. G. White 

Masters Theses

Modulation Locking Subsystems for Gravitational Wave Detectors (2004)
B.J. Cusack


Honours Theses

Quantum Super-resolution (2016)
Siobhan Maeve Tobin

Towards Quantum Teleportation Assisted by Noiseless Linear Optical Amplification (2016)
Hao Jeng

Characterization and optimization of laser cooling of an atomic ensemble for a quantum memory (2016)
Anthony C. Leung

Investigation of New Nonlinear Materials Towards a Stable, Highly Squeezed Light Source (2007)
Michael S. Stefszky

The Effect of State Impurity on the Security of Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (2006)
D.J. Alton

Experimental Advances in Broadband Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (2006)
T. J. Williams

Quantum Cryptography without Basis Switching (2004)
C. Weedbrook

Robust Quantum Control Theory (2003)
S. D. Wison

The Investigation of Quantum Polarisation Teleportation Protocols (2002)
A Dolinska

Experimental Demonstration of a Gravitational Wave Detector Configuration Below the Shot Noise Limit (2002)
K. McKenzie

Experimental Demonstration of Spatial Two-Dimensional Squeezing (2002)
N. Grosse



Digital Locking: Users Manual and LabView code
Ben Sparkes 2011

Transformation of Squeezed Quadratures under Feed-Forward Amplification and Post Selection (2005)
T. J. Williams

Optical Frequency Comb Generation (2003)
A Mahe

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