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Opto-Mechanics PhD Scholarship:

PhD theory project in the application of opto-mechanics to fundamental physics

This project provides the theoretical framework for experiments in opto-mechanics that might address open questions in fundamental quantum physics, including: the measurement problem and the treatment of gravity.

Opto-mechanical systems may operate in regimes for which macroscopic objects are quantum mechanical. This opens up the quantum-classical interface to experimental scrutiny. We aim to test theories of quantum measurement,  such as spontaneous localization models. We shall also test theories of gravitational quantum mechanics, such as semi-classical gravity.



Summer Scholarships

If you have a passion for applied quantum mechanics and would like to play in our labs at ANU over the summer, we are offering a limited number of summer scholarships.

Contact for details.

Apply through the ANU here.



Honours and PhD:

Honours and PhD projects are always available. Have a look through our research pages and contact us for details.


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